Note: This endpoint is cached for 15 seconds, if you make the exact same call within these 15 seconds, you will receive cached data

Get login form - GET /Authenticate

Returns a login form allowing browser-based authentication.

VERBHeaderResource/Id/SelectorDescriptionParametersReturn data
GETNo/AuthenticateDisplays a login form allowing browser-based authentication for test purposes. An API key, a user name and a password must be specified to authenticate against the API.-Web page allowing a user to authenticate against the API using a standard web browser.

Login to Barium Live - POST /Authenticate

Post login details to authenticate user.

VERBHeaderResource/Id/SelectorDescriptionParametersReturn data
POSTNo/AuthenticateAuthenticate the user using an API key, a user name and a password.

Set the querystring parameter format=json to get a JSON-formatted response when authenticating.

If authenticating with format=json, the return JSON format will be: { success=true, Ticket="TICKET" }

Set the querystring parameter webTicket=true to get an extra ticket for logging in to the web user interface (the tickets for the API and the web user interface are different).

If requesting a WebTicket, the return format will always be in the JSON format: { success=true, Ticket="TICKET", WebTicket="WEB_TICKET" }

To use the webTicket for web user interface login, just add it to the web user interface URL, such as{id}?ticket={WebTicket}
APIKey Username Password