Post attachments: POST/api/v1.1/DataForms/{Id}/Attachments

Upload one or more attachments to a dataform object

VERBHeaderResource/Id/ SelectorDescriptionParametersReturn data
Ticket/DataForms/{Id}/ Attachments
Uploads one or more files to attachmentfields on the data form.

Files are automatically uploaded to the DataForm object if the client sends a HTTP POST with the Content-Type header of the request set to multipart/form-data according to RFC1867 (

Name must be the same as the attachmentfields id in order for the file to be uploaded.


Content-Disposition: form-data; name="Field1"; filename="file.txt"

Empty files cannot be uploaded.
id (guid)Object:


Note: Ignored fields contains fields which did not match any existing attachmentfield on the dataform.