June 2023 

We have released a new version of InRule Process Automation version 2.82. As usual, it contains different improvements and adjustments. Some of them might not affect you directly, but you can be sure that we are constantly fixing and improving things behind the scenes to refine features that already exist, or to prepare for new features that are coming later. 

New features 

API Updates

  • When using the API authenticate method, a unique ticket is now generated for each space’s unique API key. Before this release, the issued ticket could be reused with different spaces' API keys, which had the potential to cause implications for multiple spaces using the same account.

  • The endpoints Authenticate, StartEvents, and Types return a cached response if GET request is repeated within 15 seconds. 

List enhancements 

The following List enhancements have been made to refine the UI and improve the experience of using lists:  

  • The List created by... information has moved to the List actions dropdown menu to simplify the UI for end users.  
  • A Date filter that works in conjunction with the free text search bar in lists has been added so end users can filter the list results from the List View.  
  • The item counter is now context aware. If end users use the free text search bar and/or the date filter, the item counter will reset.
  • The free text search bar filter resets when navigating between lists and when using the back button in the browser.   
  • Improved performance on the List page, this is mainly noticeable for users that have been assigned many lists 

Improved performance of Process Studio  

The size of the modeling elements has been updated to allow large processes to load faster with no notable difference to the appearance of the process.  


Preparation for improved Business Intelligence capabilities 

We are proud to introduce a number of improvements in the background to a coming enhancement to our capability to export data out of the platform. This will eventually be used to power business intelligence reports.  

This release also contains additional minor bug fixes and security updates.