If you see a locked task message and need to manually unlock it, this article will show you how to unlock a task.

There are two reasons why a form might be locked: 

  • The form is locked because a user has the form open with unsaved changes.
  • The user has manually locked the form using the lock task button (See below).  
Note: In order to unlock a form using this method, you need to have at least have the Instance Permissions Edit. To read more about setting permissions on an Instance, see the article Process Permissions.

To unlock the task 

1. Navigate to the Instance overview.

2. Open the form, it is located in the content folder on the right side of the Instance Overview page.

3. Select Unlock the form.

4. If you are unlocking this form so another user can edit it, you will need to close the tab you are in or navigate out of the form view before they will be able to edit it.