March 2023 

We have released a new version of InRule Process Automation version 2.81. As usual, it contains different improvements and adjustments. Some of them might not affect you directly, but you can be sure that we are constantly fixing and improving things behind the scenes to refine features that already exist, or to prepare for new features that are coming later. 

New features 

List enhancements 

This release includes new and improved List features that improve the way users use Lists.  

  • Option to remove navigation from instance list to instance overview 
    This new configuration option can be selected when creating or editing your list. By selecting the box next to Disable navigation from list to instance overview you can prevent users from navigating from an instance in the list view to the instance overview and they will only be able to view the data presented in the list.  
  • List configuration option to disable completing tasks from Task list
    It is possible for users to complete a task from the Task options drop-down in the list view.
    It is now possible to disable this feature so users must go into a task to complete it by selecting the box next to Disable navigation from list to instance overview  in the list editor. 

  • List configuration option to disable completing tasks from List view
    Before this release, users had, by default, the option to complete a task from the Task options drop-down in the list view.  

    After selecting this option, the option no longer appears in the Task actions drop-down in the List view.
  • More date filters 
    We have added more options to the date filter in Lists. When creating or editing a list, you can now select this month, this year, this year and last, last 180 days, Last 1 year, Last 2 years, and Last 3 years.
  • No end date in Date Interval 
    It is no longer required to select an end date when choosing a date range for your list, only a start date is mandatory. If you are experiencing slow-loading lists, set the date on Date interval to the date of your first instance or task and no end date.
  • Copy data from lists 
    Information can easily be selected with your cursor and copied.
  • Process version as column
    A new column option has been added. When adding columns to your list, it is now possible to choose the column Process Version so your list can be organized by the version of the process the instance or task is in.

  • New comment icons
    The symbols for read and unread comments have changed so that they are easier to distinguish between.
  • Comments are no longer a default column
    You can still choose to include the comments column in your list, but it is no longer added by default.

  • The Item count button is updated and has moved to the right side 
    This will count the tasks or instances you have in a list.
    After clicking on Item count you will see the number of items in the list.

  • Quick filters have been removed  


Replace user function not replacing users with the permission Assign 


Users who had a task shared with them with the perform rights assigned to a task, were not replaced in these roles when the Replace user function was used.


Users on these tasks are now replaced even when the original user was assigned to an assigned task.
When using this feature, remember to go to the form and change the form field to reflect the change in users.  

Duplicate reference numbers are occasionally generated – Rare occurrence  


Occasionally, a duplicate reference number was created.  



Duplicate reference numbers are no longer being generated.  

This release also contains additional minor bug fixes and security updates.