A basic training learning path is available on LearnUpon for your appointed contacts. It includes a high level introduction to the tool and its benefits as well as a basic training in modeling, application building, and application administration.

For access to the learning portal and for ordering customized training sessions, please contact


With InRule Process Automation you can choose whether to build your solutions with inhouse resources or to let us do it for you - or any mix between the two. 

When you choose to use our help, you will bring the business knowledge - how you do the things you do. Our Professional Services Team brings the knowledge of InRule Process Automation as well as the experience from implementing it for customers in many industries and in largely different processes and IT landscapes.

We deliver new solutions as well as changes to existing solutions as the needs and ways of working change. If you decide to build your solutions on your own, we can guide you early on to avoid the most common mistakes and a walk through of your solution to help you perfect it before you get ready to launch.

Customer Success Management (CSM) 

We want you to get maximum value from your investment in InRule Process Automation. 

Our Customer Success Managers are there for you throughout the journey help you achieve your goals. We are your voice within InRule, making sure your ideas on how we can improve reach the right people. 

We strive to maintain a continuous dialogue and a long-term relationship throughout your entire experience with our product, and you are always welcome to contact us if there is something you would like to discuss.

If you already have an established CSM contact, feel free to call or email directly, otherwise, you can easily reach us at