Frequently Asked Questions: Run Processes

Q: I don’t receive e-mail notifications...

A: Please check your e-mail spam filter. All e-mails are sent from You might need to add it to your list of secure addresses.


Q: Can InRule Process Automation be integrated with our legacy systems?

A: Yes, using the Process Automation REST API it is possible to send information in both directions between InRule Process Automation and an existing system.


Monitor performance

Q: How can I monitor process performance?

A: There is a Process Performance Dashboard, and the lists are of very good help. Read more about the custom-made list here.



Q: How do I get an API key?

A: If you are in a pricing plan that enables you to integrate you will find the API key in the Space Settings under the section Integration. If you have any questions please contact the Process Automation Support or Process Automation Sales team.