This article will guide you through the steps for creating your first API application using Postman.

Note: You will need to have Postman installed on your computer before you start.

Note: The Postman Collection in this article will do the following:
Logs into InRule Process Automation with your credentials. Extracts your login ticket for the subsequent API calls. Searches through all your applications for an application called: API-Application and gets the ID. (The process name is the one set by you in Process Automation.)
Starts an instance with the collected ID with data specified in the collection variables. 
When the instance is started, the Postman collection verifies the values in the form for the created instances. 

Follow these steps after downloading Postman.

1. Create an application in Process Automation.
For more information, see this article about how to create your first process.

2. Make sure that you have a form with at least two fields, it can be configured in the following way.


3. Configure the start event message to be able to perform the API calls correctly.
Right-click on the start event, select message event and click Configure message. 

4.    Deploy the application in Process Automation.

5.    Download the postman collection here.

Note: This article is written for Postman version v9.15.2, other versions of Postman may not be compatible with this collection.

6.    Open Postman and click import and choose the provided file for the collection.   

7. When the information is imported, navigate to the Variables tab and fill in the values that correspond to your credentials. 

The API key is found in the Space Settings in Process Automation. 

8.    Run the collection in Postman. 

The expected result is a new instance is created with your data in the form. 

You can edit and change the API calls in the way you want, more information about API methods is found in this article.