March 2022

We have now released a new version of InRule Process Automation, version 2.71. As usual, it contains different improvements and adjustments. Some of them might not affect you directly, but you can be sure that we are constantly fixing and doing things behind the scenes to refine features that already exist, or to prepare for new things that are coming later.


Add process version to instance overview


The process version used by an instance is now displayed on the instance overview page.


This improvement makes it easier to map each instance to the process version it is running on.

Create a user via API with space admin permissions


The possibility to assign user space-admin privileges when creating users, using the API.


Enable management of all user privileges via the API.

Improved connection management in the Modeler


Improved management of connections in the Modeler.


The connection has previously easily been lost in the Modeler. As a result, it has been required to reload the page to get back the connection.

Security Management

Continuous work with CVEs

CVE stands for Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures. This work is an ongoing initiative to keep our product up to date from a security perspective.


Mail queues

Addressed an issue where sending a single email to many recipients could block the mail queue.

Instance overview crash

Resolved an issue where the instance overview could crash when using Internet Explorer if the process model contained many call activities/subprocesses.

Special characters not working in quick filter

Resolved an encoding issue with special characters when using the quick filter in lists.