This business component lets you invite people to Barium Live directly from a process application.  

It can be a powerful tool, especially for larger corporations, to dynamically assign tasks to people. This regardless if they are prior users of Barium Live or not.


The business component “Invite user to space” must be activated on contract level. Please contact to get access to the business component.


Adding the Business Component to your Space

Before using the business component for the first time, it needs to be added to the space.  

This is done under Space Settings > Business Components. 

Press  “Add new” and choose “Invite Users To Space” and give it a name and press save

The Business component is now ready to be used in a process.


Add the business component to the Process. 

To add the business component to your process you need to open the Component tab (1) and locate the “Invite User To Space” business component (2).  Then drag and drop it into your process.

Configure the component

Double click on the component to access the configuration settings. 

There you can specify:

  • who should be invited, 

  • write an extra message to them in their invite, and 

  • whether they should login using IdP or not. 

Individuals  will be invited as “Users” with the “Run” permission to the space that the process is run in. If there is an IdP configured and they are invited using IdP they will also be invited to the default space with permissions according to those set by the IDP settings.

Email addresses

The Email addresses field lets you specify what emails you wish to send an invite to. The field expects comma separated values from email addresses. You can also use variables, and they can even be mixed in with e-mail addresses in plain text.

 When evaluating the contents of the field, it first finds and replaces all the variables and then separates the text on comma.

where $variable$ = “,


would first evaluate the variable and become:,,,


which is split by comma to the four emails:

Message attached to email

This field allows you to attach a message to the space invite email. The field expects either plain text, variables or a mix of them both. 


“Hello there $name$, you have been invited to participate in $instanceName$ at Barium.”

$name$ = “Darrel”

$instanceName$ = “the annual survey”


would be evaluated to:

“Hello there Darrel, you have been invited to participate in the annual survey at Barium.”

The message is used in the invitation email that looks like the sample below. 

Note: text inside ‘<’ ‘>’ represents variable values that will be set by Barium Live when the application is run.

An account has been created for you in Barium Live

Created by:        <Space owner>

Created date:        <Email sent date>

Contract:        <The space’s contract>

Attached message:    <YOUR MESSAGE>

If you want to accept the invitation follow this link.


Need help? Please contact Barium support.


Invited users use IDP

The checkbox allows you to decide if the users should be invited as IdP users (using IdP Login) or as regular users (using the Barium login).

Important! if you invite your user as IdP users, ensure that their email address is the same as their IdP provides in their list of claims otherwise the invited user will not be able to login via their IdP.

Note:  This setting is only visible if your contract is linked with an Identity provider.

Running the Component

When running the component it will make a best effort based execution, meaning that if a user could not be invited (for any reason) the business component will still be counted as successfully run. 
However, if a variable specified in either Email addresses or Message attached to email can’t be found the business component will fail it’s execution.