In Barium Live version 2017.8 we released a redesign of how Form Rules work. These changes make the functionality work a lot better and makes them easier to configure. However, any form rules that were created before 2017.8 will be updated the next time you edit the form rules as you can read below.

Note! These changes will only come into effect if you edit previously existing form rules and save the changes to your form. We recommend that you check that your solution works as expected after making changes to form rules.


The changes from the automatic upgrade will have the following effects on your form logic IF you save the form rules editor AND save the form:

- You will be allowed to add several conditions to your rules.

- You are allowed to reorganize the execution of your rules by dragging and dropping.

- The inverse action of a rule with false conditions will no longer be applied, this means that if you were counting on inverse logic to affect your form you would need to manually add the inverse logic to your form fields as it will no longer be triggered, only the actual rule action will be applied.  

For example: If you had a rule that looked like this:

- The rule would previously have meant that Field2 would be hidden (the inverse of shown) UNTIL Field1 was equal to Yes.

- With the new changes this rule will mean that Field2 will be whatever its defaulted to be (normaly shown) UNTIL FIeld1 is equal to Yes.

If you are unsure of how this update will affect your form rules, contact us at for guidance and assistance.