In Barium Live you can add a reference number to your applications that counts every instance started in a specific application. 

The set up is made by the Barium Live support team and they will need some information before the can proceed. 

Following information is required to set up a correct number series:

Format: Give an example of how the counter will look like: For example "Case 2014-01-00001"  

Name: The name of the number series.  (If you have many number series within the space, it is a good idea to have a describing name and a reference to the application in the name).   

Start number: On what number the series should start on.

Domain ID: The 4 digit space ID  where the number series will be connected to.  (You can find the space ID in the URL of the space.  


It is Barium best practice to only have one application per number series. 

Activating the number series for the application:

When the Barium support team has set up the number series and got back to you. You need to activate the number series for the intended application. 

1. Go to the application overview page and open Application configuration.

2. Go to the advanced tab and find your number serie in the drop down.

3. Save the configuration. 

4. The finished result will look like this.

Use Reference number in forms and lists.

You can add the reference number to a form by using the object field - Instance number.

You can also show the reference numbers in a list by adding the standard column Ref #