Sometimes you need to make a form accessible for user that does not have an account in Process Automation, such as a supplier or a customer. 

In order to set up such a feature, you need to model your process in two steps.

Step 1:

1. Start by adding two intermediate events to your process. 

2. Add a message event to the first intermediate event. (The configuration of the message will be done in step 2.)    

3.  Add a new form template to the second intermediate event.   

Note: You need to add a new form template here. You can not use an already existing data object.  

4. (Optional) If you want to fill in the "External Form" with data from the "Start Form",  you can use the attribute "defaultValue" in the fields in the External Form and set them to $startFormID.fIeldName$.

5.  (Optional) If you then want the external data to be brought back in to the start form used at the start of the process, you can add the script component "Copy all field" to the process after the intermediate event where the external form is created. As long as the fields in both forms have the same name, you can copy data from the external form back to the Start form.

6. Publish and deploy the process. 

Step 2:

1. Find your process application and go to application configuration.  

2.  Go to the tab External user and click the checkbox for the corresponding intermediate event. Copy the URL. 

3. Go back to your process model and create a new version.

4. Configure your message event and add the copied URL into the mail body. The recipients of this email will be able to click the link and fill out the external form.

5.  Publish and deploy your process.

You now have a process that is accessible by external users.