Generate document from template is a Script Component that allows you write data from Barium Live into a word document template (.docx) by using variables

Add the Generate document from template component to a process

  1. Open the Component section in the left panel of the modeller 


  2. Drag and drop the component Generate document from template onto your canvas. 

  3. Close the configuration window, incorporate the Script Task to your model and connect the word document template (.docx) you want to use.   

    : See this article about how you create a word document that will contain variables to set data into it.

  4. Right click on the word template to configure it. By activating "Move generated document" you can specify witch instance folder you want to store the word document.  You can also set a custom name to the document.
    By turning on "Generate PDF from document template"  the document will be generated as a .PDF instead of a .docx.