Generate document from a template is a Script Component that allows you to write data from Process Automation into a Word Document template (.docx) by using variables

Add the Generate document from template component to a process

  1. Open the Components section in the left-hand panel of Process Studio


  2. Drag and drop the component Generate document from the template to your canvas. 

  3. Incorporate the Script Task with your model and connect the word document template (.docx) you want to use. Make sure that you have a form object connected as an input to the script task.   

    : See this article about how you create a word document that will contain variables for your document to set data to the document.

  4. Right-click on the word template to configure it.

    Note: The file name you create in the custom name will be the name saved to your file. In order for this to work, you need to think of some naming rules. The filename cannot contain any of the following characters:
    <left angle bracket
    >right angle bracket
    ?question mark
    /forward slash
     blank spaces
    $dollar sign
    !exclamation mark
    'single quotes
    "double quotes
    @at sign
    +plus sign
    =equal sign
    {left curly bracket
    }right curly bracket

 By activating Move generated document you can specify in what folder you want to store your document. You can also set a custom name to the document.

By turning on Generate PDF from document template, the document will be generated as a .PDF instead of a .docx.