If a user is been assigned as a group administrator. The user will have the options to choose "Group Administration" under settings


Add a new user to a group:

  1. Click on Group Administration under settings in the space dropdown. 
  2. Click on "Add user to group" and type in the name of the user.  
     NOTE: If the user doesn't  show up in the list. the user is most likely not a member of the space. Please contact your space or contract administrator so they can add the user.
  3. Press the check mark.

Remove a user from a group:

To remove a user from a user from a group, do following steps.

  1. Mouse over the user you want to remove.  
  2. Click "Remove from group" 
  3. Click "Remove from group"  one more time to confirm the removal.

Read more about how to assign group administrators here