Add new user in the Process settings

  1. Open the Process settings through the cob wheel symbol in the top right corner of either the modeller tool or on a process page.
  2. Go to the Permissions tab
  3. Click on Add new user
  4. Browse your user(s), set preferred permissions and click on share

Edit permissions

  1. To edit the permission level for the users and groups that the process has been shared with you can either click on the Manage permissions button found in the quick share dialog (see above) or click on the process settings icon on the top right of either the modeller tool or on a process page.
  2. Click on the Permissions tab
  3. Click on the drop down for each user or group to select the permission they should have for the process.

The permissions available are:

Process permissions

  • View: Lets people see the process.
  • Edit: All the above as well as opening the process in the modeler and making all changes except publishing and deploying.
  • Full control: All the above as well as sharing the process with others, publishing, deploying, deleting and accessing the application configuration settings.

Instances permissions

  • None: No rights to instances, tasks or form information for deployed processes
  • View: Lets people see all ongoing and completed instances, tasks and form data
  • Edit: Lets people see and edit all ongoing and completed instances, tasks and form data

Collaborative Modeling Sessions

If you share your process with another user with the permission edit or full control you both can use the functionality Notes and Collaborate to make the development a lot more collaborative. 


Modeling simultaneously in a Modeling Session is a great feature on Barium Live. Everyone that is allowed to model the process can do so at the same time. Read more about modeling sessions here.