If a user can't perform their tasks due to out of office reasons the function Out of office makes it possible for a performer to delegate their tasks to another specified substitute performer.

NOTE: This function needs to be enabled on the desired application(s), see Enable Out of office.

NOTE: You must have a list connected to the actual tasks you want another performer to access through the out of office function.

How to set a substitute performer

1. Go to Edit account and click on Out of office in the left menu. 

2. Tick the Activate out of office checkbox and set start date, end date and message to the substitute performer.

3. Find your space, if you have more than one all spaces are listed, and choose to mark all applications or just the desired ones and add a substitute performer by entering an email adress to an existing performer.

4. When you are out of office and logged in to Barium Live a banner is shown in the top of the page reminding you that you are Out of office.

Even if you are out of office you can still do your tasks. 

How will my substitute performer access my tasks

When assigning your tasks to a substitute performer he/she will get an email with the information of your out of office. Then it is your task lists that will be shared with the substitute performer and it is through this they will be able to access and perform your task.


How to terminate the out of office before end date

If you are returning to your office earlier than the assigned end date you can terminate the setting and resume your task.

1. Go to Edit account and then click on Out of office in the left menu. 

2. Untick the Activate out of office checkbox

This will remove your task list from your substitute performer and send an email with information that you have returned