Start an instance

You can start an instance either via "Start new instance" in the dropdown or via the space start page. 

On the start page the last started processes are shown to the right, click on one of the processes to start an instance or click on Show all to access the list of all the process application you have permission to trigger.

An instance for a BPMN 2.0 process can also be triggered from the Process Page, read more in the article Process Page.

Start an instance via dropdown:

1. Choose Start a new instance under Run.

2. A list is shown with all start events that you are allowed to trigger.

3. Clicking one of the list posts gives you access to the form associated with the chosen start event. Fill out the form and press Start to initiate a new process instance, which is an end-to-end execution of a process.

External Start

You can also let external user start instance read more about External start here.