A comment can be posted to the instance, on a specific form or even on a file in the content folder. Other participants can read and reply to the comment and start a discussion. If the comment is directed towards a specific person it is possible to tag the person using the @-sign and writing the persons name in the comment text.

Writing Comments

As a user you can write comments from the Task View (if enabled for the participant that you act as) or from the Instance View and can either start a new discussion or reply to an existing comment. Apart from the Instance itself forms and files can be commented on.

To comment on the Instance from Task View click on Comment icon and write your comment in the Comment Field at the top of the page.

To comment on a file or a form in the content folder, just click on it and write your comment in the Comment Field at the bottom of the file or form. It is of course also possible to comment on forms when editing or viewing it from other views than from the content folder. 

When writing comments it is possible to mention people by writing an @-sign followed by the name of the person you want to mention. If you mention someone that person will get an e-mail saying that he or she has been mentioned in a discussion. This e-mail will contain the comment but also a link to the Comment feed.

NOTE: It is only possible to mention people that have permission to see the Instance. A person has this permission either if he or she has performed anything in the Instance or if the Process App administrator has shared this permission to the person or a group which in the person is included. 

It is also possible to mention Roles within the process by writing an @-sign followed by the name of the role. This can be useful if you don't know what person who is going to act as a specific role. The person that has the role will get an e-mail saying that he or she has been mentioned in a comment. 

NOTE:  In cases where someone mentions a Role and that Role hasn't been assigned yet, the e-mail will be sent as soon as a person is assigned. In most cases this happen when the first task for that Role is created in the process. 

Read Comments

You can read comments in the Comment Feed which you find either in the Task View or in the Instance View. The Comment Feed will aggregate all comments on all objects in the specific Instance. Of course you can read file and forms comments directly when looking at the objects. 

You can also read comments from Lists by clicking the comment icon. A pop up will appear which will show the ten latest comments. 

Delete Comments

You can always delete comments that you self have written by clicking the trash can icon in the right top corner of the comment line. App Administrators can delete everyones comments. 

NOTE: If you delete the first comment in a Discussion all replies will also be deleted.

Disable Instance Comments

The instance comments function is active automatically and can be disabled by the Process App administrator.This setting is found under the Participant configuration and can be enabled/disabled for the different Participants in the Process App.  

NOTE: When creating a new Process App the Comment functionality will be enabled for all Participants as default. If you don't want the Participants to be able to Comment from the Task View you have to disable the functionality. 

The difference between task comments and comments

There are more than one way to comment and collaborate around your work in Barium Live.

In addition to above described functionality when performing a task, a performer can be allowed (or forced) to add a comment for the participant(s) of the next task to take part of.

Read more about task comments in the article Task comments BPMN 2.0.