If you click on the instance name link in a task, you will be redirected to the Instance overview

In the Instance overview you can monitor the status of the instance. 

In the Instance overview you get an overview of the entire instance, with all active and completed tasks, documents, forms, and other information.

For descriptions, see the corresponding numbers below.

Instance overview properties

1. Header with instance name.

2. Close button to return to the instance list, plus breadcrumbs giving the opportunity to navigate upwards in the application hierarchy (Application View > Instance View).

3. Tasks containing active and completed tasks within the instance and Alerts contains any error notifications.

4. A list of active and completed tasks within the instance. Double-click on a task to open it. If a task is greyed, it means you do not have access to that task and are not allowed to open it. 

5. Tab containing the Process model, giving you an overview of the entire process. This is where you can check the status of an instance and view the token trail. Read more about that and watch a short video on it here

6. Buttons allowing you to reset the list (after filtering or rearranging), update it, or export it to Excel.

7. Instance information.

8. Tab containing common tasks within the instance. Instance configuration is available to you if you have at least editing permission to the application. Read more about Instance configuration here

9. Tab containing discussions about the document open in the workspace area to the left. By default, no document is open. Open one from the default tab as described in #10 below to access this tab.

10. Default tab, its content is initially visible in the larger area below the tab, containing available documents and forms. There is also a New where you can upload new documents. Here you can also manage existing documents.

11. Tab containing an Activity log, displaying the history of the instance.