In the task view a default instruction text is shown for every task, this text can be edited by setting a new task overview text.

When to use the task overview text

Edit the task overview text when you want to give the performer of a specific task information or instructions connected to that task. 

TIP: A lot of users choose to unselect the Show the task overview by default in the configuration of the task view, but together with a good instruction the task overview can be a great function for seldom users.

How to edit the task overview text

  1. Open the configuration settings for the task you wish to edit the text for.

  2. Click on Edit task overview text

  3. Add your text.
    TIP: use headings, url-links, lists and much more to create your text.
  4. Click on Save.

    When this task is encountered in an instance the new text will be shown in the overview section of the task view.