Under My tasks you find all tasks assigned to you in ongoing instances. This is your inbox, from where you manage tasks and perform work. The tasks can be opened individually, but also be performed from the task list (see below).

The list includes name of the task, which instance and application it belongs to. You will also see who initiated the instance, what date the task was created and as which participant role you have been assigned the task.

To see how many task you have in total, click the update button (marked green in picture).

Perform tasks from the task list

The tasks can always be opened individually. If they do not require any new information to be added, tasks can also be performed from the list.

1. Check one or more check boxes next to the task(s) that you wish to perform. 

NOTE: Only tasks of the same type (a specific task from the same application and application version) can be completed at the same time.

2. Click task actions, and choose an action.