Instances can be started from a number of ways and the possibility to start new instances from the list view is a very smooth feature for users that mainly works with tasks and lists. 

NOTE: This feature is active for all spaces created after the upgrade 2016.3, for older spaces this needs to be activated. Read more about how to activate the feature below.

Activate start instance from list view

  1. Go to Space settings and the Space information section
  2. Activate Allow users to start new instance from list view

  3. Click on Save changes

Start new instance from list view

  1. Go to the List view 
  2. a) You have only access to start one instance
    Click on the button in the upper left corner named after the start event, and the create new instance for that process application is viewed.

    b) You have access to start multiple different instances
    Click on Start new... in the upper left corner, a drop down with all available start events for the specific user are shown. Click on wished start event to view the create new instance for that specific process application.

    NOTE: The items are first listed after last started instances, and after that all instances never started are listed alphabetically.