Tasks can be completed not only in the Task view but also directly from lists, as long as the task doesn't have any mandatory form fields. 

NOTE: If you have several tasks of the same type you can complete up to 10 tasks at the same time.

How to Complete tasks in lists

1. Select the task(s) that you want to complete. If you choose multiple ones, note that all the selected tasks must be in the same step and in the same process version
2. Click on Perform action in the upper left corner of the list

NOTE: If the selected tasks are in different process versions the Perform action button is disabled.

NOTE: If the task includes forms with mandatory fields the task can't be completed from the list and a error message will be shown.

Assign role and action comments when completing tasks in lists 

If task(s) completed from a list is configured with either assign role or mandatory action comments these two settings will show up in the same way as it does in the Task View to be performed before the task is completed.

When to Complete tasks in lists

Complete tasks in lists when you have multiple instances of the same task, that is not in the need for more information for completion, to streamline your work.