The List Designer allows you to set permissions to your own lists, and lets you share them with others. In the same way other users can share their lists with you.

The groups and users of your choice will only see information that they are entitled to. They will only see tasks they are allowed to perform or monitor, and only instances that they either are or have been a part of or have permission to see. If a space administrator has access to a list as user or part of a space group, they have the possibility to edit the list properties as well.

Configure List permissions

  1. In Lists open the list settings by selecting the list you wish to share, click on List actions and Edit list.
  2. To share your list with other users, navigate to the List permissions tab.

  3. Choose groups and/or users to share your list to. You can add any group or user from the space you’re currently working in.
  4. Choose which kind of permission you want to give.

    View: Share the list content.
    Edit: Share the list content, and allow alteration and improvement of the list.
    Full control: Share the entire list, as well as all administrative rights (including the delete option).

  5. The Allow/Deny setting allows you to activate or deactivate the chosen permissions for the selected user or group. This is useful if you have a group or user that will need to have permission to the list on occasion. For example, summer workers. Add your group of summer workers to the list and set the desired permissions. Then you can Allow or Deny their access to the list seasonally without having to add and delete the group and reset permissions each time.
  6. Save your list.