A list export template is a Microsoft Excel file that can be connected to and used as a template when exporting list data from a Barium Live.

You can use this feature to create custom formatted exports, add charts and graphics and much much more.

NOTE The Lists only show the first 450 characters in a column and omit any following characters, there is also a 10 000 rows limit for an export. This is to ensure that the Lists are usable even when presenting a lot of text. Despite this, when you export the list to Excel you get the full content of a column text.

Configure a list export template

1. Make an export of the list you want to create a template for

2. Open the exported Excel file and make the customization's that you want The data from Barium Live will always be exported to the sheet named “Barium Live data”. Barium Live will overwrite existing data in this sheet.

You can add formatting like colors and font settings directly to the data in this sheet but you can also add new sheets where you reference the data in the “Barium Live data” sheet.

Note that you can’t rearrange the columns in the Barium Live data sheet. The data will always be exported in the same order as your list is configured.

3. Remove existing data and save the template It’s great to have existing data when making your customized Excel export template but before you save it you want to make sure that you remove all rows in the “Barium Live data” sheet.

If you don’t do this there is a risk that this data won’t be overwritten when exporting based on the number of rows in the export.

4. Select the “Upload Excel template” tab and upload the file you just saved

5. Save the list and the next time you export your list the new template will be used!