This article will explain how to use the available features in the list view including the row counter and the List actions menu. 


Count the number of Instances or Tasks in a List

To count the number of tasks you have in your list, click on Item count.

After clicking on Item count you will see the number of items in the list.

Date filter

The date filter next to the free text search bar in the list view allows you to apply a date filter to the list results from the List View without editing the list. This is helpful for end users who do not have permission to edit the list they are working in.  

This will allow you to filter tasks or instances in the list by their start date. For example, if you choose the Date filter: Last 7 days, you will see all tasks or instances that were started in the last seven days. 

Copy text from lists

Information can easily be selected with your cursor and copied.  

List Actions

The list actions menu is available in the left-hand corner of every list. 

Set as default

Setting a list as your default means it will be the first list displayed when you first the List view.

Create new list

See the article Create your first list to learn how to create a new list. 

Save as new list

Selecting the option Save as new list will duplicate the current list. This feature saves time; instead of creating lists from scratch, you can quickly make a similar list without starting over. This will also allow you to use the same list for other applications or filters. To learn 

Edit list

You can edit a list if you have editing permission. Read the article, List permissions, to learn about List permissions settings. Selecting Edit list will open the list editor you see when you first create a list. 

Here you can select and configure columns, add filters, choose which columns you will see in the list view, edit permissions to share the list, and configure Export settings. Read more about these settings in the article, Create your first list.


Simply click on the Export button to download the list as an Excel file.

Note: Lists are restricted to showing a maximum of 32 500 characters and 10 001 rows when exporting to Excel.

Delete a List

To delete a list select Edit list from the List actions menu. 

Once you are in the editing view, you can select Delete list in the right-hand corner. 

A pop-up will ask you if you want to delete the list, select Yes