To make is possible to export, edit and create new lists some List actions are available in the upper right corner of every list.

Set as default

The default list is displayed when you first enter the page Lists.

Create new list

See Create your first list to learn how to create a new list.

Save as new list

Saving as new list saves time from creating lists from scratch.

  • Do you have a list that you are extra satisfied with?
  • Want to use it for other applications or filters?

Edit list

You can edit a list if you have editing permission. See Create your first list to find out more about the settings, and List permissions to read about the permission settings.

Share your list with your colleagues.

  • Add permissions to your created lists.
  • Allow others to use your list.
  • Allow others to alter and improve your list.


Simply click on the Export button to export the list content to CSV format. The file can then be opened in Excel.

On-demand lists can be created with real-time data. No need to prepare reports with hours of data-mining!

Lists are restricted to showing a maximum of 450 characters and there is a 10 000 row limit for the Excel export.