Design your own list using the List Designer. The list will be available under Lists.

  1. In Lists, click on the "+"-sign in the section My lists or go to List actions and choose either Create new list.
  2. Give your new list a name and description.
  3. Optional: Set a list category. 
  4. Type of list: Decide if you want a list of single tasks or entire instances.
  5. Applications: Choose one or more applications to show content from.
  6. Processes: If you have choosen one single application above, you are asked to include the main process and/or any sub processes. By default, both the main process and any sub processes are included.
  7. Created: Choose which period of time you want your list to cover.
  8. Status: Include active and/or completed tasks/instances.
  9. Select and configure colums: Add or remove standard columns, and add columns based on form fields from the chosen applications (you can have 50 columns based on form field content).
  10. Preview: Set a sort and group order by rearranging (read more under Sorting and grouping in Lists) the example list.
  11. Optional: Add list permissions to share your list with others.
  12. Optional: Create a excel export template and use the function Upload Excel template to complete the feature.
  13. Save and you're done!