The Application Configuration is the place were you can change settings and activate functions that can be necessary for your application to work as intended. 

For example:  

* You can enable the external start function:

* Set up the redaction of completed instance

* Enable the PDF conversions

How to access Application configuration: 

You can access the application configuration via the application overview page. 

Name: Edit the name of the application.

Description: Shows a description in the application overview.

Application timezone: Will affect deadlines on task. If you have a task with a deadline set to days or weeks. The application will set the deadline based on that timezone. 

Application Language: Will force instances in the application to show a specific language. 

The Forms tab: All forms that is associated with application will be accessible here for editing.   If for example wanna update your application and created a new form and with the same name as the old form. It is best practice to rename the old form so it easy to distinguish from the new one. 

The Permission tab: Is not in use for  BPMN 2.0 application, you will be redirected to Process Permissions.  

External User tab:  Will let you set up and configure External start events and the External instance overview page

Redaction tab: Will enable the redaction function, who will let you automatically remove instances or data from forms on a regular basis.     

The Advance tab: Will let you enable different functions in the application. 

For example you can enable Out of Office. which let you assign task temporally to another user. 

You can also enable the function to generate your form to a PDF, so you can download it from the task view.


Common task:

On the right side in the Application Configuration you will find the common task section.  

There you can start new instances, stop the application (Users can not start new instances). 

You will also find the Participant configuration were you can add user or groups to the roles in the application. 

It is in the Participant configuration you can configure the task view in the application.