The application overview page can be accessed from "process apps" in the drop down menu and will list all deployed processes within the space. 


NOTE:  The user need to have build access to be able to see process apps. Read more about user rights here.


To be able to see the application in the list, you need tho have the process permission set to "view instance". 

By clicking on an application you will access the Instance Overview page, were all instance that are created are listed for that application.  

If dubble click on an instance you will access the instance view.

  On the right side of the page you will find the the following functions:

Process Page: Will open the process overview page

Application configuration: Here you can edit the application, for example: access the form editor, enable external start events.

Event log: If an error has occurred in the application it will be listed here.

Replace user: Transfer the rights from one user to another.

Download all data: This will generate an excel file with all form data i the process application.