Sometimes instances contains classified data that needs to be removed after the instance is completed. I.e. often companies and organisations have rules and regulations that govern that personal information that can be used to identify individuals must be removed after a specific amount of time. To automate this deletion of instances or instance data the feature data reduction can be used.

How to enable data redaction

NOTE: Before you enable the function make sure you are 100% sure about the settings. This is irreversible! 

  1. Go to the application configuration for your specific application.
  2. Open the section Redaction

  3. Enable the checkbox Enable redaction of instances

  4. Choose a redaction type.

    Remove instance
    The whole instance will be deleted after the specified number of days and no information what so ever are saved about the instance.

    Remove all instance data
    All instance data will be deleted after the specified number of days, but statistics about the instance can still be found in the Process Performance Dashboard making it possible to analyse the application with all its instances outcomes.

    Remove selected fields
    All data in selected fields will be deleted after the specified number of days, and all other data will still be saved and the instance will be found in the instance list.

  5. If you have chosen to Remove selected fields you have to specify which fields you want to redact data in.

    Click on the appearing button Add data field to redaction and select your desired fields. (Use Ctrl/Cmd for multi select, or open the add data field to redaction agan to add more than one field)

  6. Set the number of days for when the instance/data should be deleted after the instance is completed.

  7. NOTE: It will appear a notification below the number of days settings calculating how many instances that will be affected of the setting. Make sure you are 100% sure about the setting before saving. This is irreversible!

  8. Click on save.

NOTE: If you cannot see the tab Redaction, please contact our support team and they will help you enable it.