Allow users without a Barium Live account to start process instances. With external start your stakeholders can fill in a form from any web site or via a easily generated link.

This is very helpful in many cases, for example:

  • Error reporting forms
  • Registration forms
  • Booking forms
  • and more...


Every start event in a process application is a starting point for the application. Start events that you are allowed to trigger show up under Start new instance in Barium Live. If you, as the logged in user, is an assigned performer to the process participant set to a certain start event you will see the starting point in the list.

Using the external start feature, all start events can be made triggerable for users that are not assigned to perform the start. Even non-users can start instances this way.

How to activate external start

To activate external start in an application, follow these steps:

1. Model your process and deploy it.

2. Double-click on your application under Build > Process Apps.

Choose Application configuration under Manage Process Application.

3. Click on the tab External start (see picture below).

3. Now all start events from the process are displayed, represented by check boxes. Check the one that you wish to make available outside of Barium Live.

A URL is shown right after you selected the checkbox, copy the link and use it on websites, e-mail it to clients or distribute it however you like to allow your contacts to trigger the start event.

4. Click Save.

NOTE: If you have added a form to the start event, this is what your contacts will see when they use the external link. If not, a standard form made up of just two fields will be displayed.

Hide GUI attributes

Default the external start has some GUI attributes shown, a part of or the whole GUI can be hidden.

For more information read the article Hide GUI attributes.

Edit external start confirmation message

After an external user triggers a start event or intermediate event, using an external web link, a standard text that says “Action performed successfully” is shown. This message can be edited to give the external user a much more helpful thank you message. To do this there is a new button called “Edit message” available when external start event has been activated. Click on the button to create the custom thank you message.


The message can be edited using a simple and useful What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor as shown below. Your message can be formatted to look good and you can even use process variables to present information from the process instance or form.