This guide will show how you configure your process to send an e-mail to a user that you have chosen from a drop down (dataset) field. 

Note: You need to have extended value lists activated on the contract to be able to access Extended Valuelists.  Contact to activate the function.

First, you need to set up the drop down field for the form. 

  1. Go to space settings > Value list and create a new "Extended value list"  

  1. Fill In the users e-mail adress in column A and the name of the user in column B.
    (Read more about Extended Value Lists here)

  2. Save the value list

Now you need to configure the form with the drop down field.  (Read more how to set up forms here)

  1. Open the form you want to add the drop down field to.

  2.  Find the drop down field on the left hand side under "Metadata fields (extended value lists)" and add it to the form.

  3.  Click the field and add the attribute "DisplayField" press Enter and add the value "B". Press Enter.  (This step will decide what value will display in the drop down. If you choose A as the value instead of B the e-mail addresses will be displayed.)

  4. Add a new regular text field to the form.  Add the Variable "valueFrom" with the value. Field1.A (Were Field1 is the name of the drop down field and .A is the column.)

  5. Add the variable "Hidden" and set the value to "true" to hide the text field.  
    Note: (It is Best Practice to have hidden field at the bottom of the form.)
  6. Save the form.

Let's set up the message event in the process. 

  1. Go to your process and add an intermediate event.

  2. Right click on it and choose "Add new event trigger > Throwing messages.  

  3.  Open message menu by clicking on the arrow and choose "Configure Message".

  4.  Click on the address book plus sign under "To:" and choose Form field.  Select the form and the hidden text field which contains the variable "valueFrom" and press save.