Unassign Role is a Script Component allowing you to empty a role in your process of any assigned users at any desired point during your process.

This is useful for when you wish to reset who is allowed to perform certain tasks so that the selection can be made anew. For example, a group is mapped to a specific role and lane and a user from this group is currently the chosen performer of any tasks connected to the role in this lane. At some point in the process you want to reevaluate which user from this group is best suited to keep working with the tasks in that lane. Before, you were not able to do this easily, now you can add the Unassign Role component which clears any role of users or grou allowing you to make a fresh selection when next its time to assign someone the responsibility to perform the work associated to the role you just emptied.

Add the Unassign Role component to a process

  1. Open the Component section in the left panel of the modeller

  2. Drag and drop the component Unassign Role onto your canvas.

  3. Open the script task settings and click on Configure scripts to open the configuration view.

  4. Select the role you wish to unassign, any roles present in the process will show up in the dropdown list regardless of where you've placed your script component.

  5. Click on Save.