When performing a task, a performer can be allowed (or forced) to add a comment for the participant(s) of the next task to take part of. 

Also, the Instance Overview displays these comments and all Task Lists can be configured to do so as well.

Configure Task comments

Open your process in the modeling tool and follow these three steps:

1. Right-click on the sequence flow after the task where you want to configure Task comments.

2. Expand the section User experience.

3. Choose the desired setting for Task comments, the available options are:

  • Off – gives no opportunity to leave a comment (default setting)
  • On – lets the performer decide if he/she wants to leave a comment
  • Required – forces the performer to leave a comment

How users see Task comments

Leaving a comment when performing a task.


Comments shown in lists.

Unread task comments from previous tasks is shown at the top of the task view.

The difference between task comments and instance comments

There are more than one way to comment and collaborate around your work in Barium Live.

In addition to above described functionality comments to instances, forms or files can be created for a more collaborative function.

Read more about the collaborative functions in the article Discuss and Collaborate.