A published version of a process model can be shared to anyone.

How to enable external web link

1. Open your process model, make sure you have a published or deployed version.

2. Click on the arrow in the upper right corner of the modeler to open the Share process settings.

3. Choose Manage permissions and Process settings is shown. Select the tab Sharing.

Read the article process permissions to learn all about the manage sharing settings.

4. Click on Enable weblink, an url-link is shown. This is the direct link to your process model, copy the link and share your process model

Who can access the process through the web link

Anyone with the link can access the process model, through the url or through the pages where you have published the model. The receiver of the link only has to have a web browser to view the process, no additional programs are needed. 

The link is unique for the processes and will always show the latest published version of the process.  

NOTE: The process model is not password protected, literally anyone with the link can access your model.

If you have links or documents connected in the process model, these will be available to the receiver according to the links secondary access settings.

NOTE: If you have uploaded documents to the process model these documents will be available to anyone with the web link. 

If the process is deployed and the receiver of the link has a Barium Live account with the access to start instances for the specific process model, the start event is active and an instance can be started directly from the model. Otherwise the start symbol is shown without the "play" symbol, but other interactive links and documents are still available.

How to disable the use of web link

If you want to remove the ability to access the process model externally through the link, go to Process settings and tick off the Enable weblink. Done!

This disables the link instantly for everyone. 

When to use external web link

Use the external web link to share your process models to consumers without Barium Live accounts or show the models on your intranets. Everyone with the url can access the process model with its links and documents according to other secondary access settings. 

If you using AD-sync and SSO for the users who should be able to access the published processes. It is recommended to use the internal process view link instead of a weblink who requires that logged in to Barium Live. This will provide a better control over the permissions of the process but gives the same seamless experience in the space.

NOTE: The process view page we refers to is the page you see before you entering the modeling tool. An example of a link to the page looks likes this https://live.barium.se/Spaces/XXXX/Models/View/6f1210c1-d8k4-abcd-bc59-9458e4588db1