If your process is depending on the user tasks being completed on time you can add Task deadlines. The deadlines can help the users prioritize their tasks and get an overview of their performance when looking at lists. 

The task deadline is a process setting and will affect all instance in the application. If you need to set a deadline on a specific instance, you'll need to add the variable field instance.deadline or instance.deadlinedate to your form.

Read more about variables here.

How to set Task deadlines

1. Double click on the task and open the User Task settings section, there is a setting called Deadline which can be turned on and off.

2. Turning on the setting and configure the settings: [Number] [Time unit] [According to] [Action] at [Time]

These are the selections you can use:


Any number at all

Time unit

  • Hours
  • Days
  • Weekdays
  • Weeks
  • Months

According to

  • After
  • Before (this setting can only be used with the action Form field)


  • Task created
  • Instance created
  • Other task created
  • Other task completed
  • Form field


The Time setting is not mandatory and the default value depends on the action creation/completion time.

If you use the Time unit Hours, Time cant be set.

When to use Task deadlines

Task deadlines can be used when you have processes where it is crucial that the user tasks are completed on time. One example is if you have commitments towards your customers, for instance that a response must be sent back to the initiator within a certain amount of time after that a support ticket is created in your IT-help desk process.