Forms and Form Templates are what you create to hold and manage data in a process application. This is where you create the Support Form in a Customer Support Process Application or the Order Form in a Purchase Request Process Application.

Form Templates are created and edited in the Barium Live Form Editor and can be accessed directly from the modelling tool.

In the modelling tool, click on the Asset Browser icon found in the bottom left corner. There is a section called Form Templates where you can create and edit Form Templates.

Create a new Form Template

  1. Click on the plus icon beside the text Templates:

  2. Give your template a name and click on the check box

  3. Your template is now created and is now ready to be used.

NOTE: If you want to use form data in expressions on gateways or in variable references, use the Data ID found under the form name by double clicking the form template symbol.

In this example "orderForm". You can edit the Data ID under the Data Object Settings panel.

Edit Form

To change the name of the Form Template, simply double click on it and you can change the name and save it.

To edit the Form Template fields and layout, hover over the Form Template with your mouse and click on the pen icon. This will open the Form editing tool in a new window.

NOTE: The first time you edit a Form Template you need to set a form layout, a window with two selections are shown; Default layout and 2-column layout. The difference is only that the 2-column layout is prepared with a column layout.

Learn more about how to use your Form Template in your process in the article Add forms to your process.