This is the view page for a process model. All users with view rights or higher can see and interact with the process on this page.

Process Version

At the top of the page the process name is displayed together with the process version of the actual version viewed on the page and the time this version was published or deployed. 

NOTE: The process version shown on the process page may not be the latest version, by selecting a draft or older version of the model in the modeling tool you can access the process page for other versions than the latest. But default from the process list the latest published version is shown on the process page. 

Process settings

Open the process settings with the cog wheel symbol at the top right corner of the page. Read more about the settings in the article Process settings

Share process

Share your process with the quick share arrow button at the top right corner of the page. Read more about sharing in the article Process permissions.

Navigate the process

Using the mouse you can zoom and pan through the model to access the hole process. For every task with details like description or connected documents an information box appears when hovering the task. Directly from this information box you can access the connected documents, read more about adding files and documents to a process.

Download as pdf

To download the process model as a PDF click on this icon in the page menu, the process is rendered in a PDF file and downloaded to your computer making it possible for you to for an example share, print or save.

Option list

If you have access to the modeling tool a drop down menu selection is shown with the following values:

  • Open in modeler - This selection takes you to the actual version of the process in the modeling tool
  • Edit latest draft - This selection is shown if there are a draft newer than the published version taking you to the modeling tool to edit that draft
  • Make a copy - This selection copies the entire process model, added documents and images to a new process model. If the process has been deployed all form templates will be copied as well.
  • Download - This selection downloads the current process page viewed draft/version of the process model and all its settings. Read more in the article Download and upload processes.

This will copy the entire process model with all its settings.

Process information

To view more information about the process expand the information section with the i-symbol in the bottom right of the process canvas.

Here information about process owner and manager can be found as well as purpose, optional longer description and a section for all process content. 

Also in this list, the documents can be clicked on to be accessed.

NOTE: If the document is connected via an url link the receiving media rights set can influence whether a user can access the document or not.