Multi Instance is a loop type feature that will repeat a task for multiple performers where the number of performers might be different for each instance.

If you instead want a task to trigger multiple times based on the number of values selected in a multi select field check out the article on Multi Instance Send Task.

When the instance reaches the multi instance task, Barium Live will look at the role that is configured on it (or on the lane it is in) and at which users and groups are configured on the role. Each single user in the role, at the time will be assigned a copy of the task. Each user will see the task in the list "My Tasks" and will be able to open the task, see the content in it and complete it. When every single user has completed their task and there are no more multi instance tasks waiting to be completed, the entire multi instance task will be completed and the instance will continue to the next activity. 

NOTE: All the performers tasks will be identical and contain the same data set.

How to assign a specific task to several performers

1. Create a lane and add a role for the members you want to repeat the task for

2. Add the task you wish to repeat

3. In the task settings, open the "Loop type" section and choose Multi instance

NOTE: The selection "Is sequential" is not yet supported for process application execution.

When to use multi instance task

Multi instance tasks is useful for when you want a set of people to take part of and/or evaluate the same information and data before continuing the process. For an example if you want every department manager to read and approve a new security policy before the policy is sent to the entire company.

NOTE: If you connect a form (Data Object) to the task, every user will see the same form in their individual tasks. It is not recommended that you make the form editable because if several users open the task at the same time the form will be locked by the first person to open the task and the others will received a message saying "locked by user". We recommend you to connect forms that can be read only so that users are not confused by locked messages.