Google Drive is one of the ready integrated document management systems among the Integration Services on Barium Live.

This makes it possible to browse and connect Google Drive documents to processes. 

How to enable Google Drive Integration Service

1. Go to Space settings

2. Select Integration

3. Two sections are shown, one for Integrations and one for Integration Services. To add a Google Drive service click on "Add" under the Integration Services area.

4. A new window is opened. Select Google Drive in the integration services list, add a name and an optional description, then click on "Add".

The description is shown when hovering the integration service icon when adding and linking files to the processes in the modeling tool. If you don't specify a description the default text "Link a file from your Google Drive account" is shown.

5. The service is now active and listed under Integration Services. It can now be found and used in the modeling tool for every process in the space.