What is integration service

As for now there are three different integrated document management systems available:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OpenText

Integration Services are extendable and we have a plan to add additional Integration Services in the future as well. Integration Services can also be created by us at Barium upon request. Contact us for more details.

How to enable a integration service

See the following articles on how to enable the different integration services:

How to edit a integration service

You can add or edit a description of an existing integration service to support the modeling experience. 

1. Go to Space settings and the section Integration.

2. Click on the name of the integration service that you want to edit. 

3. "Edit Integration service" is shown. Edit the information and click on Update.

How to remove a integration service

1. Go to Space settings and the section Integration.

2. Hoover the integration service you want to remove and click on the red trash basket that appears to the left of the Service Type. 

When to use integration services

Integration services currently offer connections to the Document Management Systems Google Drive and Dropbox. There is a visible choice for OpenText which is a Document Management System that requires client-side applications to function correctly. OpenText is an example of additional Integration Services that can be added to a Space if requested.