To add documents and files to your processes you can either upload your files, connect them through url links or use integration services and add files from Dropbox or Google Drive. Read more about the capabilities in Add files and documents to a process.

How to add files through URL link 

1. In the modeling tool, open the Asset Browser. 

2. Under the section "Documents" click the "+"-sign and "Add a document" is shown. If you don't have any Integration Services activated you can choose from the default features "Upload file" and "Url link".


3. Select "Url link", specify the link information in the add link settings and click on "Ok".  

4. The file is now shown in a new view letting you to add more files before saving and uploading them. When you are done adding files click on "Save".

5. The link is now connected to Barium Live, you find it in the Asset Browser. To use documents from the Asset Browser drag and drop the file on tasks to connect them to your process. The browser also shows you how many references the documents have in your process.

NOTE: The links you connect are only available in the process you upload them to.  

When to add files through url link

Add url links to your process when you have internal or external weblinks to pages you want to connect to your process tasks. You can also use url links to files you want to connect that is not in any of the file document management systems integrated in the Integration Service