This article will go through the different functions and visual functions of the toolbar accessible via the modelling and viewing mode of a process or application.

Undo and Redo 

The first two arrows to the left indicates "undo" and "redo" options when modelling in the tool. The Quick commands Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Shift+Z will apply as well and have the same impact.

Copy, paste and Duplicate tool 

These icon lets you copy and paste object in the canvas. The duplicate icon , will let you make an duplicate of an object, that will make it easy to add a object multiple times into the canvas. Right click to dismiss the duplicated object.

The Expand canvas tool 

The Expand canvas is a great tool if you need more or less space when modeling your processes.   It will let you change size on your canvas horisontell or vertical without skewing the process. 

High contrast mode

The high contrast makes the process a lot more easier to view when there is a poor color rendition, for example when you look via a screen or projector.

Normal Mode                                                                                                                                                                                        High contrast mode

Fit to page & Zoom

When using the fit to page functionit will let you zoom out so you can see the whole process. 

Zoom level  let you zoom in and out of the process by using the mouse wheel. Clicking on the zoom icon will reset the canvas to 100%

NOTE: If zooming with the mouse wheel doesn't work. The "Scroll to pan" might be active. 

Scroll to pan

The scroll to pan function let you scroll in the process using your mouse wheel instead of zooming.  

NOTE: You can still zoom in the process by holding down the ALT key while using the mouse while. 

Download process as PDF

Download your process as .PDF file. 

Add note

With the "Add note" function you can add notes to the objects.  Select an object and then click "add note" function to attach the note. 

Copy block symbol style

 Lets you copy style of a block symbol to another block symbol.  

Note:  The styles is set in the tab "Appearance when you right click on a block symbol. 

Go to process page

Click this button if you want to leave the modeling tool and takes you back to the process page.