All versions of your process; drafts, published and deployed states are saved in a version control. 

This makes it possible for users to go back to a previous state and create new drafts and publications based on them.

In the version control the deployed version is indicated with a green circle, published versions with a dark grey and drafts with an orange.

NOTE: Changes can only be made in drafts and if you want to save specific states in your draft read this article about bookmarks

How to create a new draft

A new draft can only be created from an earlier published or deployed version.

1. Click on the top circle in the right menu to open the Version control settings.

2. If you are on the newest version, press Create new version and a new draft is created. If you are on an older published version, press Edit this version to get a new draft branched from your version. If you are on a branched version or draft press Copy to new version to get a copy of the version or draft into a new draft but not branched.

All your changes are now to be saved to this draft as long as you have the draft selected.

How to publish a new version

A new version can only be published from a draft, the published version of the model can then be deployed and used for execution.

1. Click on the top circle in the right menu to open the Version control settings.

2. Make sure you have selected the draft you wish to publish, then press Publish. A new published version is saved.

If the process is not validated correctly an indication whether you want to proceed is shown, a model can be published without correct validation but not deployed.

Edit a draft or published version

  • To edit a draft choose desired draft and make your changes.
  • To edit a published version, select the version and press Edit this version, a new draft is created. 
  • To edit the newest published version, select the version and press Create new version, a new draft is created.

NOTE: If the highest version is a sub version (X.Y), then it will be the sub version which will be the basis of the next draft.

How to delete a draft

1. Select the draft you wish to delete and press Delete draft

2. A confirmation message is shown asking you to confirm by pressing the button an additional time

How to copy a process version

You can copy an earlier version of a process model and make it the latest version. This is useful if you want to make a new process version that is based on the way the process looked in an earlier version and where you don't need to remodel the entire process from the beginning.

1. Select which version of the process you want to Copy to a new version

2. A new major draft version will be created based on the version/draft you selected


  • You can only copy published versions.
  • You cannot copy to a new version if the latest version is a draft