Since Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 constantly saves your work there is a bookmark function to make it possible to save a specific state in the modeling procedure.

This can help when you want to save a state in a workshop or meeting to have the opportunity to go back and follow up how the process has changed during the session, or maybe when you want to save a state so you can try something completely different and you want to be able to easily go back to your starting point. 

How to add a bookmark

You create a bookmark by selecting the blue circle with the star in it in the menu to the right and then press the button Add bookmark.

How to revert to a previous bookmark

If you want to go back to a previous bookmark just select the required. The modeling tool is disabled and an information bar is shown at the top of the process to indicate what state you see. To revert to this process press the button Revert to bookmark and the modeling tool is again enabled and you can proceed from that state.

How to remove a bookmark

Remove a bookmark by selecting it in the bookmark list and then press Remove bookmark, you will then get an confirmation message asking you to click on Remove bookmark again to complete the deletion.