To let the users get more information regarding the processes you can add meta data.

The data you can specify are Process owner, Process manager, Purpose and Process description

The meta data is specified per version and if that version has been published the information can not be changed, to do this you have to create a new draft with new meta data.

How to add Meta data

Open the Meta data settings by selecting the dark grey circle with the "i"-symbol in Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0.

As you fill out the form data is saved continuously.

The first three details are described by plain text and the Process description is edited through a WYSIWYG, see image below.

Here you can use headers, paragraphs, text decoration etc. to set the process description. 

When the meta data is saved the information is avaliable adjacent to the process viewer. 

NOTE! This meta data can only be specified when the process is in a draft mode.