My startpage can be found in the spaces menu in the top right corner. This is where you see information about your account. In the Got Questions section you can find links to the Help Center and an opportunity to get in contact with Process Studio experts.


From your start page you can navigate to the spaces that you wish to work in. All your process models, apps and activities (tasks and instances) are divided into spaces. Before you can work with processes you must choose which space to do that in.

1a. You can navigate to a space in the space picker menu to the right in the top banner

1b. Or, you can click on the space name in your lists of space at the bottom of the My startpage.

2a. Once you have chosen which space to work in you will end up on the space start guide, here you can learn more about going from Map to App and start work by clicking on Model, Build or Run. 

Note: If your space has settings for custom space experience then the space start page could present a process model instead of the start guide, then use the step 2b for navigation, read more about space start page


2b. Or, you can use the drop-down menu named just like the space to navigate to the same places.

At any point you can easily navigate between your different spaces and the the Map to App features Model, Build, Run by using the drop-down menus.

Note: You can also use the Space shortcuts found on the My startpage to go directly to your models, apps and activity lists or to get to the Space settings page.

Edit account

On the top right of My startpage you can see information about your account and a quick link to edit your account details.

If you click on Edit account you can edit your account details and settings. Read more about editing your account in the Edit account article.

At any time you can access your account details by hovering over the menu button on the top right of the screen. Here you can see you contact details, get quick access to your account settings and also log out.

Got questions?

This is where you can get in touch with Barium Live experts, open our Help Center to learn more about how to use Barium Live to create maps and apps and more. 

If you click Contact Barium Live Experts you can send your question to our Barium Live business support staff who will be able to help you with technical, practical or general questions regarding how to use Barium Live in the best way.


If you have any pending invites to other Spaces you will see them on My startpage. Invites are also sent via e-mail so that you get a quick heads up that you have been invited to a new space to collaborate with someone else.

You can choose to reject or to accept the invite, once you have chosen the invite will disappear from the start page. Invitations that you accept will result in the space moving to your list of Spaces found below your invites. Now you can start working in the space.


Here is where you see a list of all the spaces that you have created or that you have been invited to and accepted the invitation to.

If you click on the name of the space you open it to work in it.

Here you can create open and edit the settings of each space. This is of course dependent on whether or not you are allowed to do these things. Read more about working with Spaces.