Choose Edit account to change the settings and information for your personal account.

  • Personalization
  • Account settings
  • Profile picture
  • Delete account
  • Contracts

Access your account settings by clicking on Edit account on the start page, or by clicking on your user name in the top right corner and selecting Edit account.

Note: Depending on the contract settings, you may not be able to edit your own user information. In that case, contact your contract manager to edit the information. For more information on finding your contract manager, read more in the article About Contract Management.


Here you can see and change your name and the language that you wish to use in Process Automation.

Account settings

This is where you change your email address and your password.

Change email

Click on Change email and fill in a new email address, to confirm the change fill in you password and click on Save changes.

Note: You have to verify the new email address before it is updated.

Change password

Click on Change passwordfill in your current password and the new password that you wish to use. Repeat the password and click on Change password to confirm.

Profile picture

You can personalize your account by uploading a profile picture of yourself. Click Choose File and choose one from your computer. The image will be saved automatically.

Your profile picture will be shown on the Start page as well as in the Task View next to comments that you have made and when clicking on your name in the Performer column in a list.

Delete user

As long as you are not a Space owner, you can delete your Barium Live account if you no longer wish to have one. In order to delete your account click on Delete user and then confirm by entering your password.

Warning: This is irreversible! Read this article to understand the implications of deleting your account. 

  • If you are a Space Owner in a space with more than one user, assign the Space Ownership to another user and then you can delete your account as described above.
  • If you have a trial account and you are a Space Owner in your own account with no other user in it, contact our support to delete your account. -


Under this section you can see information about what contract you belong to.